Can you tell the foie gras from pasta and do you like to end a meal with crème brûlée? Are you a foodie who likes to know more about what’s cooking culturally, politically economically or really in the kitchen? The Institut français regularly organizes gastronomy related events, including wine tasting workshops so that you can tell between a Côte du Rhône, Corbiere, Saint Emilion ….and decide if the taste is dry, flavor fruity and the body wholesome!

Food is a key ingredient in cultural understanding. Largely climate, raw materials, and human progress have defined food choices the world over. As the saying goes you are what you eat. Your appearance, mood and health are linked to your food habits.

Many culinary terms are derived from French language, so whether you are a chef or not you can definitely julienne, blanche, sauté, purée your veggies in the cuisine and order à la carte…so to speak…. In most cultures a well cooked meal shared with family and friends is the real nurturing place for debates, discussions, sharing and ideating. The best memories of childhood are often coupled with a mom’s special that particular day….A family that eats together stays we would like to offer you the opportunity to discover a whole new gastronomic experience at the Institut français en Inde

An all French restaurant "le Bistrot" on our premises is open and a cheese bar "la Fromagerie" coming up, we urge you to drop by, become a member and let your taste buds do the talking!