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The Institut français en Inde helps in the promotion of French language and its teaching through the activities mentioned below. To enroll for French classes please visit Alliances Françaises in India.

Collaboration with the French Teachers Associations in India
Franco-Indian school exchange and partnership
In service training for teachers of French in India
Teaching and learning materials for teachers and students of French
International certifications of proficiency in French (DELF, DALF, DELF Junior, DELF Pro, TCF and TEF)
Financial and administrative support for research in francophone studies in India
Long term study programmes for young French and Indian scholars
Programmes for the promotion of French
Educational cooperation between France and India


To make the best use of technologies for teaching is the key objective of the French Language Section. In order to improve the teachers' skills, 2 projects have been successfully implemented: an online information and communication platform managed by the teachers and an official Indian diploma of French language teaching.

• Salle des profs: http://india.salledesprofs.org/

La Salle des Profs is the first social network for Indian teachers of the French language. A source of information and exchange, this online platform enables them to communicate with each other in order to enhance their teaching. The teachers thus not only share pedagogical information, advanced language improvement tools, culture and civilization related information but also take part in this dynamic, forever active discussion forum!

It is an efficient means of cooperation between the teachers scattered all around India, which creates an authentic educational network. They can write articles, download teaching resources and even follow live broadcast with the section "web TV". All the events related to French language are also on the website, such as the Francophonie Week.

Bachelor of Education option French: a major innovation

The project of the Bachelor of Education option French is grounded in the desire to use effectively audiovisual material for education. In fact, this distance learning programme will be launched in February 2013 by the biggest online university (more than 2 millions of students in India): the Indira National Gandhi Open University (IGNOU).

The beginners training will use the didactic corpus provided by the University of Grenoble 3, and will be completed by practical sessions during classes of the network of Alliances Françaises in India. At the end of the training, the diploma will offer the French language teachers the same status as that of the teachers of mandatory academic subjects, a major step in the promotion of French Language.