Gout de France: Good France


Tuesday, March 21, 2017



On Tuesday, 21st March 2017, we will be celebrating the third annual edition of the great global event, “Goût de France / Good France”.
Alliance Francaises all over India will be hosting a series of events as part of this celebration.

Ahmedabad 21 March
Culinary workshop with Chef Paresh Patel- «How to make good bread?» 3 PM Café,AF
Film Projection from 5 PM
Guerre et paix dans le potager
Le temps des graces
L’invention de la cuisine

Bengal Kolkata 9 Participating Restaurants 21 March
Discount of 20-30 % for students and AF members for dinner at one of the 9 restaurants
Online Quiz with prizes of a dinner, a brunch during the week at one of the 9 restaurants
Launch of the new Alliance Francaise Cafeteria AF
Cinéclub "Amour, cinéma et cuisine" AF

Bhopal Film Projection 21 March AF
Séance tasting

Bangalore Concours de cuisine-jury manager et chef cuisinier du CAFE NOIR. 18 March AF
Casse-Croûte, "baraques à frites" Ch'tis vente auprès des apprenants 19 March
Casse-Croûte, "baraques à frites" atelier crêpes 21 March

Bombay Film Projection 14 March AF
Guerre et paix dans le potager 18h30

Chandigarh 21 March
Picnic 12h30 AF Garden
Quiche Or Salade paysanne
Main: Salade niçoise or three sandwich options (brie, salade, beurre/jambon-emmental/veg)
Dessert : mousse au chocolat, crêpe ou flan
Wine / Water / Soda:
500 INR pour les membres et les étudiants/600 INR pour les autres

Culinary workshop AFG
French desserts: crêpes, flans & mousses au chocolat.
100 INR for students and AF members/150 INR for others

Documentary screening 4 PM Cafétéria
Nos enfants nous accuseront
Sélection et mise en avant de ressources de la médiathèque sur le sujet Toute la journée Médiathèque

Delhi AF Film screenings 21 March AF
Le Temps des grâces 4 PM
Nos enfants nous accuseront 6:30 PM
French menu at the cafétéria 21 March
Sélection et mise en avant de ressources de la médiathèque sur le sujet Toute la journée Médiathèque

Goa / Panjim
Contemporary Pastry Tasting by Chef Sam Shem 20 March 7:30 PM HH Space Arpora

Culinary workshop: Gluten-free recipes
Talk: "Why eat gluten-free?"
by Delson and Aarina, founders of House of Grains. 21 March AF

Culinary workshop: Ratatouille by author Korneilia Santoro Cooking for happiness 22 March AF
Film screening: Ratatouille 22 March AF

Hyderabad Film screening 21 March
Les recettes du bonheur 11H AFH auditorium
Special Dinner Menu at 5 restaurants
Square restaurant - Novotel Airport
Cayenne Restaurant - Mercure
Tuscany restaurant - Trident hotel
Celeste Restaurant - Taj Falaknuma
The Square restaurant - Novotel HICC

Madras Gastronomic Dinner 21 March Park Hotel

Pondichéry Atelier Baking Café de flore for 12 people with M.Duhaut, baker, pâtissier. 22 March Café AF

Pune Promotion of the event in general and the menu of Glass Window 21 March
AF Diner at Glass Window (20 people from AF & musicians)
10% Discount for all AF Pune people attending
Student contest on a prize for Dinner for Two at the restaurant


Meet with artist Vincent Gagliardi with the culinary school of Chavara Cultural Centre. 8 March
Vincent trained students at the Metz hotel school for four years on the links between plastic art and cooking, the aesthetics of plating and the harmony of colors.

Workshop with Vincent Gagliardi 9 March
Training with Vincent Gagliardi & French chef Didier Corlou 3 days in October

Lucknow French dinner at Hotel Lebua 18-21 March