Francophony Events

Programmes for the promotion of French
The SLE organises events to make people aware of the importance of the French language and motivate them to learn it. The SLE works with numerous partners like the network of the Alliance Française in India, the Embassies of the various countries affiliated to the International Organisation of the Francophonie, the associations of French teachers in India, etc.

The SLE actively participates and collaborates with the Alliance Françaises and other cultural bodies to celebrate the well-known cultural festivals and events of France like the Francophonie week (Semaine de la Francophonie) and the Music Festival (Fête de la musique) + Programme “Allons en France” (An international level competition organised every year by the French Ministry of External and European Affairs under which a few Francophone students, who emerge as winners in the competition, are sent on an all expenses paid trip to France for a period of 11 days).

Educational cooperation between France and India: The SLE strives at getting professionals from the field of education both in India and in France to understand each other’s way of operating and define areas where cooperation is meaningful. In this context, it works with partners to make analysis and tools available for either sides and gets teams from similar kind of institutions to meet, discuss and work together.

School Exchanges: Apart from the promotion of the French language, one of the important goals of the French Education Office (SLE) is the establishment of contact between French and Indian schools. The SLE is in charge of organising exchanges between schools of the two countries. These exchanges help the students from the invited country to discover and understand the culture of the host country. It is a real opportunity for young students to comprehend the cultural differences and similarities that exist in the world as well as appreciate the meaning of living together in a globalised world.