Francophonie India 2017 Contests!


Thursday, March 16, 2017 to Sunday, April 30, 2017



On the occasion of the Francophonie festival, the Salle des profs has planned a series of competitions for Indian students of French.
Following the theme of des dix mots de la francophonie / ten words of Francophonie 2017, all competitions will be online until April 30th.

The contests are in three age categories:

"Students" category, universities and colleges

On se filme! We're filming! : Video contests
Les « poégrams ». The poems: contest Instagram, poem in image
A la manière de: In the style of: writing a text in the style of a French writer.

Teen category, classes 9 to 12

Dix mots en vidéo: Ten words on video: video contests
Les romans photos: Photo novels: propose a photo novel
Les slogans: Slogans: Contest on Twitter

Youth category, classes 5 to 8

Les émoticônes: Emoticons: create emoticons (emoji) and upload them on Twitter
Les haikugrams: Haikugrams: contest Instagram, haiku in picture
Les interviews vidéo: Video interviews: video contests

You will find the necessary explanations on each page dedicated to the competitions. As the broadcast will be done automatically, follow the instructions.
When your classes or students have participated, tell them to inform their family and friends so they can vote!

We will distribute prizes for the first three of each contest. However, since the list of our sponsors is still increasing, we can not yet give you all the information.
Happy Francophonie! Bonne Francophonie!