Film Studies in France

France is known as the birthplace of the technology and the art of cinema and important movements in cinema like the Nouvelle Vague (New Wave) started here. France has always attracted artists from all over the globe and many eminent directors have been influenced by and in return influenced French cinema.

Paris has the highest density of cinemas in the world. Unlike many European countries, France has maintained a dynamic movie industry through a system of channeling a portion of box-office sales to support production costs.

Cinema offers many diversified careers: actor, scriptwriter, director, cameraman, sound engineer, film editor, set designer, graphic designer, and so on—people working together to produce films. Digital technologiescomputer graphics, computer-generated images, animation, 3D animation, and all its spin-offs—all have brought significant changes to the industry and to traditional teaching methods.

New fields of study and concentrations have been incorporated into film and media programs as the faculty have incorporated new technologies into the training they offer to future artists.

The availability of training in film and media is therefore sizeable and diversified, involving both traditional media and new technologies, particularly in the area of video games and animation, where many openings are available in the many small French production companies.

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