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Launch of the India-France Job Opportunities Board

The India-France Job Opportunities Board has just been launched on the occasion of the Indo-French Technology Summit (23-24 October 2013) in answer to a growing need to help Indian alumni having acquired a master or doctoral degree from France to find suitable placements.

The Board has emerged as the direct result of two important developments. First, a growing number of Indian students have been opting for a French "Grande Ecole" or university for pursing higher studies – or a part of their programme. Management and engineering are top choices. France is pleased to host 2600 Indian students today, which is a leap of 50% over the last five years.

Second, French companies have invested massively in India: the approximately 350 French companies present in India, with 400 subsidiaries, account for a total investment stock of $ 18 billion - which makes France one of the top investors in India.

Ambassador Richier decided to undertake a series of measures subsequent to these developments to further encourage both these steady, encouraging trends:

  • formulating a visa-friendly policy for Indian students wishing to study in France;
  • granting long-term visas to France for all Indian citizens holding post-graduate degrees from a French university or "Grande Ecole" so that they may freely travel between France and India;
  • extending the alumni networks that have recently expanded in Europe and America but still need to develop in India;
  • providing all Indian students having studied in France access to the network of French companies operating in India, as well as their Indian partners. Furthermore, all Indian post-graduates from France (Masters to PhD), will be able to seek assistance in finding the companies most suitable for their qualifications and talents, via the India-France Job Opportunities Board.

  • If you are an Indian student who has studied in France (master or doctoral level) or a French student who has completed part or whole of his/her education at the master or doctoral level in India, please fill the form below and also send a request to become a member of the India France Job Opportunities Board group on linkedin.

    For this you will need to create a Linkedin profile and then ask for membership of the group mentioned above. Once your membership is approved you will have access to several job pots that are continually updated on this forum. Happy hunting!