Arts & Culture

Institut français India aims to stimulate Indo-French collaborations and promote the artistic dynamism of French contemporary Art as well as its rich heritage, on the Indian territory.

Working hand in hand with French and Indian cultural institutions, Institut français India operates in close connection with the Alliance Française network within the Indian territory in order to make French culture accessible to everyone, all around India.

Supporting artistic expression in its broadest scope, it supports an overall policy of cooperation in the major fields of visual arts, music, performing arts, but also architecture, design, fashion and gastronomy. It thus engages in five main areas of action, in conjunction with its main office, the Institut Français Paris:


Through a large variety of events organized mainly in partnership with major Indian festivals.


Conducted in connection with universities, schools of Arts and cultural centers.


Encouraged through various programs such as artistic residencies.

French higher education

In Art, Design, Architecture, Gastronomy, Fashion, Music, Dance and Dramatic Art, highlighted on the occasion of important events in France. The Institut Français in India also fosters exchanges of professors and enables Indian students to get scholarships to study in France.

Expertise and professional training

During programmes such as those organised by the Ministry of Culture in France, or the programmes offered by the Institut Français in Paris.

Addressing a wide diversity of audience is a main focus, regardless of the gender, social status and ability. In particular, a Focus on young audience is run on a regular basis. Furthermore, as part of these actions, the spotlight is shed on the rich French cultural diversity i.e by showcasing works of artists from Reunion Island.

Through the missions it fulfils, the Institut Français India is directly involved in the cultural and creative industries sector, key driver of vibrancy and development for the French economy.